Bowen Gumlu Growers Association (BGGA) is a regional industry body that represents the interests of growers, producers and associated agribusinesses in North Queensland. The association’s key activities include member services, advocacy, promotion, industry and workforce development and the delivery of projects focused on improving on-farm practices, commercial outcomes for farming businesses and the prosperity of the regional community.

BGGA’s focuses

To achieve their mission of supporting and being a voice for growers as well as leading a sustainable future for the region’s horticulture industry, BGGA has identified and is addressing several key focuses, including:

Representing and advocating for the industry by confirming and managing the association’s policy positions, highlighting regional capability and priorities, and taking their message to a local, state and national audience,

Developing the industry and region by connecting with key stakeholders, identifying challenges and opportunities and developing innovative projects and solutions,

Supporting workforce needs by developing long-term plans that align with Government and industry frameworks to deliver timely and relevant worker attraction and retention resources,

Targeted promotion and marketing to enhance awareness of the industry’s challenges and increase promotion of the association’s members and partners, North Queensland produce and opportunities to grow the industry,

Providing beneficial member services that provide essential information and support to improve business efficiency, enhance collaboration and help grow the region’s farming businesses and community,

Delivering events that celebrate the industry, support future capability and provide the opportunity for the industry to engage and collaborate, and

Enhancing the Association’s governance framework to support the growth of a more professional and impactful organisation.