The Chamber is in discussions with local stakeholders including the Whitsunday regional council to conduct a conceptual design study for future repurposing of the Bowen Jetty. In the event that the jetty is no longer required as a home base for the Abbott Point tugs in the future, the jetty will need to be repurposed to ensure it survives. The Chamber is working with HH architects from WA to develop some options for future uses of the jetty. These options are contingent on North Queensland Bulk Port’s plans, as NQBP currently hold the lease on the jetty to operate it as a base for the tugs.

The Chamber is working through a brainstorming process to search for the optimal solution that will preserve the jetty and enable it to be used as a public amenity for the future. Anyone interested in the jetty’s future should contact the Bowen Chamber of Commerce.