Our Mission at the Bowen Chamber of Commerce is to promote and enhance the viability of Bowen small business, to ease the pathway for new enterprises in the region, and to improve opportunities for the Bowen community.

The Bowen Chamber of Commerce in its current form was incorporated as “Bowen Chamber of Commerce Inc” on 3rd December 2015 with ABN# 29 390 443 677. Today’s Chamber was founded by Bruce Hedditch who is Chairman of the Chamber’s board. Under Bruce’s leadership, the Chamber has made a significant contribution to the township of Bowen and the Community that live and work in it.

The Chamber is focused on a number of initiatives that aim to improve the infrastructure, business opportunities, and quality of life for Bowen residents. Some of these initiatives include advocacy for new enterprises such as:

• Bowen Rail Company
• Tassal Aquaculture
• Gilmore Space Technologies
• Agave Plantation and Tequila Distillery
• Hospital and Medical care
• Housing Needs including Social, Community, and full Retail Housing

Currently, there are almost 100 members, of which most are small business owners, local identities, or community minded residents of Bowen.

The Bowen Jetty
survey results are in!

Click through to check out the reults to the survey. Congratulations to Rebecca! Winner of the $100 voucher to the Grand View Hotel

Bowen will soon be watching rockets launch into space

Gilmour Space Technologies is developing Australia's first orbital launch site, called the Bowen Orbital Spaceport, which is expected to be operational in the second half of 2023.

Bowen Rail Company
is Queensland’s
rail business

Created to transport Queensland’s high-quality resources for export to the world. Headquartered in Bowen, north Queensland, the business is part of the north Queensland community.

Bowen Gumlu Growers Association (BGGA)

A regional industry body that represents the interests of growers, producers and associated agribusinesses in North Queensland

The Bowen Chamber of Commerce prides itself on representing the businesses and industy of Bowen. Take a look at our Projects page to see some of the projects that are taking place in our community supported by the Bowen Chamber of Commerce

The Bowen Chamber of Commerce dates back to the 1920’s. Today, the Chamber is concerned for small business operators and community needs but is also looking to the future, and to encourage new and exciting enterprises to come to the region.

The Bowen Chamber of Commerce engages in advocacy with government bodies and other key stakeholders on various initiatives that will provide a robust and enduring future for Bowen, its innovative enterprises, and its hard working people. The Chamber works with all political parties, with all levels of governments, and with all key stakeholders in the best interest of Bowen and its community.

The Bowen Chamber of Commerce invites a diverse range of guest speakers presenting interesting and diverse topics at its general monthly meetings, and generally provides a forum for members to get together to share ideas and network with each other.

The direction and drive for the Chamber comes from the input by general membership but also by the management committee who are made up of a range on business owners and participants with a deep level of experience across a broad range of industries, including banking, real estate, agriculture, engineering and construction, maritime, and community affairs.